The company was founded in 2005 where we began servicing the customers’ needs and satisfying

their expectations. Up until 2012, the founder Marco Schmid has worked with numerous customers

from throughout Europe and has great dedication and expertise in his field of car repair. He worked

primarily with customers locally in his garage and the main responsibility was the repair of hail damage

also including some mechanical work.


With the increasing demand for hail repair, we were frequently responsible for painting the vehicles

too. At the beginning we could not provide this service. However, as a result of the increasing demand

and our desire for higher quality, we decided to expand and open a new larger garage and office

in Baar, Switzerland.


The new garage is equipped with a modern auto body shop, a repair shop and a car hire office which

our employees service throughout Switzerland. As before, we offer a mobile service which can be served

locally and will be of the highest quality and efficiency.


Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

Tel: 041 760 15 15